Nikishka Power Paws

This is Nikishka Power Paws,  an eight week old Alaskan Malamute,  shown here enjoying a spring like winter day.

Nikishka is an ancient working breed,  known for their stamina,  power and affection.  The arctic natives view their mals as their most valued possession.  They are used even today as freighting dogs, able to leap tall drifts in a single bound.

Whoa!  23 lbs at 10 weeks,  you can just stand back and watch me grow!   My feet are huge,  but at this rate I'll grow into 'em.

Oh - there is that camera again!  I just love to pose!



I love to play with mom and dad.  Here I am playing games,  but I really am very gentle.



I have a lot to learn,  lots to explore,  how  to talk,  what buttons to push,  what can I get away with,  what is expected of me,  how do I please please people.

I love praise!   Everybody talks to me in a high pitched happy voice!



  Is it time to eat yet?



19 weeks and 54 lbs -  football anyone? 


   Wanna little bath?


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